What’s in a name?

Today I would like to introduce my readers to the meaning of my blog name and title. This is part of blogging101, even though the assignment was already due last week or so. The acutal assignment was to create a title and tagline for your blog. Or “if you’re already thrilled with your title or you want to do more, feel free to publish a post, too! Let readers know what inspired your title and tagline”. I am. So, here we go!

vain [veɪn], adjective
that does not prodce the result you want; having no success
syn.: useless, unsuccessful
idm.: in vain -> without success
etym.: dervied from the latin word vanus meaning empty, without substance

wright [ˈraīt], noun
a worker skilled in the manufacture especially of wooden objects; A builder or creator of something
later it became any occupational worker; often used with other words, such as in playwright (here the two words combine to indicate that a person creates a play crafting words together)

What I like about my title is the combination of words. The ancient word of wright as a creator or a shaper of things (words) really speaks to me. I see writing as a craft. I combine words and with them create something new or change the meaning altogether (puns, word play). As such I like the coincidental homophone with “write” in wright. The origin of words their history and literary history are also very important to me.

The prefix vain really says that I don’t write this blog for a purpose other than to write and share beautifully crafted words with the world. This hints at the concept of l’art pour l’art. Art does not have to have a meaning or serve a purpose or anything really. It is for everybody to enjoy and find their own meaning in it. I don’t want to force it onto you. The text itself therefore is “empty” in a way, because you as a reader fill it with your meaning.

Also words can be used for all kinds of writing. The words only get their meaning in the context of a carefully crafte text. Here we are back at the craftsmanship of a writer.

I really like my title. It does not really explain what I want to do with my blog but really show it. It was by mere accident that I ended up with this title. I had something else in mind. Something allong the lines of “whywait” or “whywrite” or “vainwrite”. I think they all already existed, so I looked further and ended up with this one. I love it!


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