Mid-NaNo roundup

Some time ago…actually, at the end of last month, when the upcoming four weeks or more looked all dull and dark, I decided to take part not only in Blogging101, but also in NaNoWriMo.

It all started out not too bad. I have a story that takes me away from life and all earthly things for the time that I write. I have found a good time for me to write – which is early in the morning, right after waking up and before the daily duties have flooded my mind. So, I started to have this really nice routine of writing 30 min every morning. I am aware that this probably won’t get me to 50k, but that’s not the point and I won’t find out anyway, unless I start counting words or re-write with a word processor on a computer.

Then life happened. First my Grandma died. Not completely unexpected, but still. Then my boyfriend, who was supposed be away the whole month of November came back to stay with me. And suddenly I really struggle to find the 30 min every morning to write my little story. I have missed a few days last week, but I am back in the routine.

I realized, that this was really the most important thing for me. To find a writing routine that I can stick with even when November turns into December. 50k or not, what I want from this NaNoWriMo is a writing routine.

P.S. I am way behind on my Blogging101 though…


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