writing habit

I have been trying to establish a writing habit this year. After a quite successful NaNoWriMo in November 2014, I was confident that I had found a way to start incorprating writing into my daily life. Making it a habit. Like brushing my teeth. Not that I reached the writing goal in Novmeber or anything, but I pretty much all month long sat down in the morning for half an hour and wrote. If neccessary I got up a bit earlier. It was pretty satisfying to see my work develop. 30 minutes is not very long and you’d think you can always spare 30 minutes. However, this year, I am really struggling to get back into my writing habit. Maybe I don’t want it enough? There are so many things distracting me. But are those things really the source of the problem? Are they really that important or do I just give priority over wrting? Am I in the way of my own writing?

I think, we all know the answers to these questions.


Do you have an opinion on this?

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