Das “sei nicht “ der Eifersucht kommt aus Armut und Angst. (“Liegt sie einmal im Grab, gibt es auch keinen Rivalen mehr!“)

Marina Zwetajewa


Relationship Guide II

After reading this blog post, I would like to add another relationship advice, because I totally agree with the author:

Have fun together, especially go on holidays together.

From personal experience, there is nothing better you can do. Even if it is only a budget extended weekend trip on your bikes (like the one I am planning for Easter). Besides the trip being fun, there is the planning a project together beforehand and the memories afterwards. Even if the weather is shit. You will still have the memories of that one weekend you spent in your hotel room.

Relationship Guide I

My friend, who is a psychologist, said that what makes relationships work, is not similiar interests or hobbies or tastes or anything like that, but a similar level of neuroticism. In short, that means that people with a similar level of craziness are good together.

She found that really revealing, after being with a guy, she shared no hobbies or interests with. She had never thought, that she would end up with someone like him. He is in computer science, likes drinking beer and techno music. She liked books (by female writers or Rilke), theatre, museums, art (photography) and white wine. She had always thought, she needed a guy who was similar and shared her passions and interests. Me too, I admit.